Rental, Tenancy & One-Off Cleaning Services

Busy Bees Property Cleaning services handle large, one off jobs for clients with unique cleaning needs. We specialize in handling big cleaning projects such as cleaning newly constructed or renovated buildings, rental properties that need to be cleaned thoroughly between tenants, and existing homes needing special care or a move-out clean. Cleaning services can include window cleaning; carpet cleaning in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch; cleaning of kitchens; ovens; toilets; removing dust from or washing walls and even outdoor work such as trimming hedges and cutting grass. This division will scrub built-up grime and grease from walls, ceilings and handle any other cleaning requirements your job may have, drawing from the Busy Bees range of services. We work quickly and efficiently so that your customers are happy with their purchase, and ready to move to their new home or business.

Hundreds of home owners, tenants and flat dwellers use our property cleaning services every year for that dreaded “move-out clean.”

Builders and Property Managers are very aware of Busy Bees expertise, and turn to our team for a professional, and guaranteed result.

Busy Bees are here to solve the problems and to make your life as easy as possible. We work with you to ensure each project is completed to your exact requirements.

Our People

Busy Bees operators have extensive training and learn professional cleaning techniques. We ensure quality with ongoing training, regular audits and check-lists. Each of our more than 70 operators has been police security checked, is fully insured and is friendly and reliable.

We believe our service and quality to be second-to-none in New Zealand.

Your Bottom Line

Busy Bees professional operators provide all necessary equipment including vacuums, ladders and cleaning supplies, making for a cost-effective alternative to do-it-yourself cleaning done by property managers, owners and landlords. Builders and property managers will appreciate the highest quality cleaning and better use of their time and effort when Busy Bees Property Cleaning Services are involved in an end of project cleanup. For those selling a home or property, your investment will get top-dollar when it’s been professionally cleaned and it’s lawn is neat and tidy.

Ensure your own customer’s satisfaction with a professional Busy Bees Property Clean.

Call or email us today for a quote on your special property cleaning project.